3 ways to Drive Traffic
3 ways to Drive Traffic

3 easy ways to drive more traffic to your blog :You have a blog your endearing the text content but no one’s reading what should you do the links right more content. so you shouldn’t do any of that everyone i’m a little and today

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I share with you how to get more trafficked year blog posts without reading more content are building more links

So the first thing that i have poor you is you need a gesture tidal tax what you’ll notice the you log to google search consulted i’ll show you pagers with the most amount of page views and the least amanda clicks look pretty posed to have less than a five percent quick to rate once you’ve for good out which post have a lesson

Five percent with rate look for all the keys because when you click on that link it i’ll show you in google search so what keywords you’re getting traffic for and look for the key words they are making the they position for and dad those keywords within your title tag and measure description by doing that one simple think what’s going to happen for people are going to keep cooking and cookie and kicking

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this things because when they’re doing the search your keyword is going to be at the title and that a description just imagine a due to a search

which for apple back book you’re looking probably from apple met book if the first is all didn’t have the word apple or a macro kenyan are you going to click on it probably not if you do

some things kind of rock and doesn’t google looks at if people on cooking on your listing even if you’re at the top there are pushing you down and they’re going to push other results that are getting more clicks

up so by taking the key and putting your titled measure description it’s a really simple way can slowly get more quicks and google’s can

like oh we you’re thinking number five three getting more cuts in the number for listening and a number of three listen though i call this keeps happening we cover week of any they start pushing you up because they want to and the most relevant results to the end user that one little thing

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creature rankings not a pair of a week but over a period of two three months and if you do that for all your top pages that were quickly get you war sir traffic from your old blocks

another thing that you should end up doing and as the second tactic is which evenly sharing your old blog posts over and over again once you write a blog posts especially if it’s evergreen it’s not for why can you keep retreating it out like an un putting in scheduling it and bach person that what your continually getting chairs not just a

we for an hour month from now but literally years from now why can’t you take your old articles and we share them on facebook i do know all the time and i use it open graph it’s where you can figure better descriptions just for social media and you can do this in the yassky

paul ghana and by doing that were ends up happening is is i can keep changing the title of the posts to make it super even and re sharing that on twitter and facebook that we months from all when you’re share it people like

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this is new it’s price just because you’re right articles doesn’t mean everyone your sold community is seeing if you have a hundred a thousand followers and you share on twitter our facebook it’s are that even five or ten percent of your one is going to see it that’s why she keep your in your articles over and over again a special

amazing i’m not thing you share each particle ten times in a day because that’s his overwhelming but you

one to spread it out over a part of the year you can share the same articles twelve times is that one simple thing that are keep getting you more and more tracking and as you’re getting more soldiers signals and more people are seeing

what happens who was like oh well people keep come back to this blog posts they like it maybe we should drank higher get all those actual visitors some people made him like oh my god this articles him ks let me linked to it and your

building these links without actually building in that you’ve got those two attack by the way only give you one last acts that’s a really easy way drive more traffic to block

it’s content repurpose you don’t have to write more block close you can end up taking that content in creating videos on the same type of material and releasing on youtube, videostreme.com and facebook you can hurting

park has step cells on that same kind of content and release it to to itunes by doing these little things and repurposing your content it goes out textiles right they’re getting more views if you’re getting more use out of each and every single article hook we even take our same content and put the whole article on linked them

by doing that yeah people are coming back to our  site but that content is generally mri both of people like oh that’s by meal is awesome to give giving more amazing information and he atolls pieper going to come back to your blog lever comment but they were leaving company linked in and you

could respond to interact with them build the tech and you can still generate business follow those three simple things and you build more