Cement Prices today in Hyderabad | Best Price

Cement Prices today in Hyderabad
Cement Prices today in Hyderabad

Cement Prices today in Hyderabad

The Basic need of construction companies is cement and I’m here to help you to get best Cement Prices today in Hyderabad over a call or whatsapp

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Cement Prices in Hyderabad PriceSpecial PriceEnquiry Link
Ultratech Weather PlusRs.450.00Rs.380.00click here
Ambuja Buildcem CementRs.460.00N/Aclick here
Ambuja Railcem CementRs.460.00N/Aclick here
Ambuja Roof Special CementRs.450.00N/Aclick here
Birla Gold Crown PSC CementRs.410.00N/Aclick here
Birla Gold Royal PSC CementRs.390.00N/Aclick here
Ambuja Compocem PCC CementRs.460.00N/Aclick here
Birla Gold Monarch SRP CementRs.425.00N/Aclick here
Penna Suraksha – PSC CementRs.460.00N/Aclick here
Birla-Shakti + CementRs.415.00N/Aclick here
Zuari Primo CementRs.395.00N/Aclick here
Zuari PSC CementRs.395.00N/Aclick here
Ramco Supercrete CementRs.445.00N/Aclick here
Sagar Sulphate Resisting Portland (SRC) cementRs.395.00N/Aclick here
Ramco Supergrade CementRs.445.00N/Aclick here
Ramco Super Fast CementRs.435.00N/Aclick here
Ramco Sulphate Resisting (SRC) CementRs.445.00N/Aclick here
Parasakti Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (SRPC)Rs.390.00N/Aclick here
Panyam PSC CementRs.415.00N/Aclick here
ACC Gold Water Shield CementRs.460.00N/Aclick here
Maha Cement CC CementRs.420.00N/Aclick here
Maha Solid CementRs.425.00N/Aclick here
Deccan PSC CementRs.440.00N/Aclick here
Dalmia DSP CementRs.440.00N/Aclick here
Dalmia PSC CementRs.420.00N/Aclick here
ACC F2R Superfast CementRs.450.00N/Aclick here
ACC HPC Long Life CementRs.460.00N/Aclick here
Bharathi PSC CementRs.450.00N/Aclick here
Maha Solid HD + CementRs.430.00Rs.320.00click here
Priya OPC cementRs.390.00Rs.295.00click here
CCI PPC CementRs.350.00Rs.270.00click here
Dalmia PPC cementRs.380.00N/A click here
CCI OPC CementRs.360.00Rs.280.00 click here
Dalmia OPC cementRs.390.00N/A click here
Birla.A1 StrongCreteRs.440.00Rs.350.00 click here
Ambuja PPC CementRs.350.00Rs.360.00 click here
Bangur OPC CementRs.370.00N/A click here
Suvarna PPC GradeRs.310.00Rs.240.00 click here
Bangur PPC CementRs.360.00N/A click here
Ambuja OPC CementRs.360.00Rs.370.00 click here
Bhavya PPC CementRs.330.00Rs.260.00 click here
Anjani PPC CementRs.320.00Rs.225.00 click here
South India Cement PPC CementRs.310.00Rs.240.00 click here
Anjani OPC CementRs.330.00Rs.235.00 click here
Bhavya OPC CementRs.340.00Rs.270.00 click here
Panyam OPC CementRs.425.00N/A click here
Shree Cement OPCRs.330.00Rs.300.00 click here
Shree Cement PPCRs.320.00Rs.280.00 click here
Parasakti PPC CementRs.320.00N/A click here
Parasakti OPC CementRs.330.00N/A click here
Deccan PPC CementRs.365.00Rs.260.00 click here
Deccan OPC – 53GradeRs.375.00Rs.275.00 click here
Maha PSC CementRs.410.00N/A click here
Ultratech Super CementRs.430.00Rs.340.00 click here
Ramco Premium GradeRs.435.00Rs.300.00 click here
Birla-Shakti OPC – 53GradeRs.385.00Rs.320.00 click here
Penna OPC – 53Grade CementRs.380.00Rs.310.00 click here
South India Cement OPC CementRs.320.00Rs.260.00 click here
Panyam PPC CementRs.420.00N/A click here
Raasi Gold Super CementRs.365.00Rs.300.00 click here
Suvarna OPC – 53GradeRs.310.00Rs.260.00 click here
ACC Suraksha CementRs.400.00Rs.300.00 click here
ACC Concrete Plus – 53GradeRs.410.00Rs.335.00 click here
Zuari OPC – 53GradeRs.355.00Rs.315.00 click here
Zuari PPC CementRs.395.00Rs.300.00 click here
JSW Portland Slag CementRs.335.00Rs.260.00 click here
JSW Concreel CementRs.370.00Rs.280.00 click here
Sagar PPC CementRs.345.00Rs.300.00 click here
Sagar OPC – 53GradeRs.358.00Rs.320.00 click here
Maha PPC CementRs.375.00Rs.290.00 click here
Maha OPC – 53GradeRs.385.00Rs.420.00 click here
Jaypee OPC – 53GradeRs.380.00Rs.370.00 click here
Jaypee PPC CementRs.370.00Rs.355.00 click here
Birla-Shakti PPC CementRs.375.00Rs.300.00 click here
Chettinad PPC CementRs.345.00Rs.260.00 click here
Chettinad OPC – 53GradeRs.355.00Rs.270.00 click here
Birla.A1 PPC CementRs.375.00Rs.300.00 click here
Birla-A1 OPC – 53GradeRs.385.00Rs.320.00 click here
Bharathi Ultra Fast CementRs.420.00Rs.330.00 click here
Bharathi PPC CementRs.410.00Rs.315.00 click here
Penna PPC CementRs.360.00Rs.290.00 click here
Nagarjuna OPC GradeRs.335.00Rs.290.00 click here
Nagarjuna PPC CementRs.325.00Rs.270.00 click here
Priya Premium CementRs.345.00Rs.275.00 click here
Coromandel King OPC – 53GradeRs.365.00Rs.330.00 click here
Coromandel King PPCRs.385.00Rs.320.00 click here
Birla-Gold PPC CementRs.370.00Rs.290.00 click here
Birla-Gold OPC – 53GradeRs.395.00Rs.310.00 click here
Sri Chakra PPC CementRs.305.00Rs.250.00 click here
Sri Chakra OPC CementRs.315.00Rs.260.00 click here
KCP OPC – 53GradeRs.375.00Rs.320.00 click here
KCP PPC CementRs.365.00Rs.310.00 click here

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Cement is ready to become dearer across Hyderabad. Prices of this most essential staple for the development industry will go up by Rs 40 to Rs 50 per bag from Saturday.

According to city-based cement dealers, cement prices were rising for the primary time this year, with most cement companies hiking the rates by Rs 50 on the prevailing prices. Demand is already low and volumes aren’t so encouraging and with companies increasing the worth during this stage, sales might not be up to the mark, dealers fear.

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