Chettinad Cement Dealers in Hyderabad

Chettinad Cement Price today
Chettinad Cement Price today

Chettinad Cement Dealers in Hyderabad:

Chettinad cement is working its cement business spanning three generations. Since its establishment in 1962 with a wet process cement plant at Puliyur near Karur, Chettinad cement has been expanding and making itself versatile within the field of cement products.

Major supplier of Southern India cement needs, Chettinad Cement supplies the “glue” upon which many residential, commercial and engineering projects are built. Chettinad Cement has established its position within the southern market by innovatively aligning its products and services to the requirements of cement users from Chettinad Cement Dealers in Hyderabad.

Chettinad Cement’s modern, flexible factory produces a good range of cement which may be delivered in bulk using reliable road tanker fleet.

Under its Builders Choice name, Chettinad Cement Dealers in Hyderabad offers an in-depth range of bagged products that have Ordinary Portland cement and blended cement to suit most building and construction

applications. For over four decades, the Chettinad cement companies have built a reputation for serving the development industry with high-performance products that encourage creativity and ensure longevity. because the creative use of cementitious materials continues to grow in popularity, in both masonry and concrete applications, so too, does our commitment to providing customers with the widest range of cement to realize the utmost in creativity, versatility and integrity.

Chettinad Cements are carefully proportioned, highly accurate blends of quality materials including blended cement& hydraulic cement are manufactured under controlled conditions assuring reliable performance, and providing consistent quality.

Chettinad Cement has always strived for top-quality production and maintained international standards. the corporate has won many laurels for its cement production and has ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004 and IS 18001/2007 certifications. it’s grown steadily from time to time through its consistent quality and customer service.

SPECIALITY OF PRODUCTS & SERVICE Ordinary hydraulic cement (OPC)

Our Gray Ordinary hydraulic cement may be a high-quality, cost-effective artefact mainly composed of clinker that meets all applicable chemical and physical requirements and is widely utilized in all construction segments: residential, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure. Chettinad cement is that the results of careful effort within the research and development of our cement engineers and scientists. it’s specially blended with good internal control monitoring systems, top quality cement engineered to be used altogether structural, building and particularly useful in marine and hydraulic construction. Chettinad Cement is extremely easy to figure with and produces consistently excellent results whenever. This consistent quality, versatility and proven strength make it the selection for builders, architects, engineers, contractors.

The composition of the cement is consistently monitored and maintained to ensure top quality performance as per cement class specs requirements.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (Ppc) – Blended Cement

These Blended hydraulic cement are produced by intergrading or blending hydraulic cement and supplementary cementitious materials like ash. the utilization of blended cement in ready-mix concrete reduces mixing water and bleeding, improves workability and finishing, inhibits sulphate attack and therefore the alkali-aggregate reaction, and reduces the warmth of hydration. counting on the constituents, blended cement can confer desirable qualities to concrete-like lighter colour, workability, or low heat of hydration. Slag from steel making and ash from the facility industry are two commonly added materials in blended cement. By putting waste to figure, blended cement contributes to sustainable development. We’ve made blended cement for over 20 years.

Sulphate Resisting hydraulic cement (SRPC)

SRPC may be a sort of hydraulic cement during which amount of tri-calcium aluminate (C3A) is restricted to a low value. Chettinad SRPC has the unique quality of getting low C3A value. SRPC is often used for structural concrete wherever OPC are usable under normal condition. Use of Chettinad SRPC is more beneficial within the condition where the concrete is exposed to the deterioration thanks to sulphate attack and exposed on to the beach.

Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

PSC is produced by an intimate and uniform inter-grinding of hydraulic cement Clinker and granulated slag with the addition of Gypsum. Chettinad PSC has unique physical properties which make it ideal to be used during a sort of attack prone application like construction within the saline atmosphere along with our coast liners and soil area and sewage prone area. Chettinad offers an array of blended cement which have a lower CO2 footprint resulting from their lower clinker content thanks to the addition of supplementary cementitious materials. the utilization of blended cement reinforces our strong dedication to sustainable practices and furthers our objective of offering an increasing range of more sustainable products.

Chettinad Cement Dealers in Hyderabad Technical Services

Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited offers various services to our customers. a number of these include Selection of proper aggregates materials for concrete mix design We help our customers in identifying which size and sort of aggregates are appropriate for particular concrete work for economical concrete mix design because the use of excellent material is vital so as to scale back the value of the intended project.

Concrete mix design for various applications

Depending on the structural concrete strength required and condition during which the concrete is going to be used, we advise the purchasers on the selection of type/class of cement to be used, the maximum amount of cement per kiloliter of concrete also as maximum water-cement ratio, the utilization of admixture to switch the concrete workability etc.

General technical information on cement/concrete

To safeguard the interest of the purchasers, we always give tips to our customer’s cement storage facility, handling of cement bags, stacking of cement bags, preparation and treatment of casted concrete, general technical information concerning cement etc.