Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior

Consumer behaviour alludes to the buying behaviour of definite client or individual or family unit who purchases goods and services for personal use. Client behaviour is significant as it bolsters product situating, improvement of effective marketing strategy and upgrade of a long haul client relationship.

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour bolsters client conviction for execution, decides product highlights, figures valuing approach and acknowledges new product choice.

Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour

There are a few factors that impact the buying behaviour of a client or what we can say as the client’s inclination for buying a product.

Consumer behaviour is essentially reliant on the accompanying four key factors −

  • Cultural factor − Factors like culture, sub-culture, and social class.
  • Social factor − Factors like reference gathering, optional reference gathering, and family.
  • Personal factor − Factors like age, sex, way of life, occupation, and monetary status.
  • Psychological factor − Factors like inspiration, recognition, conviction, and demeanour.

These are the primary factors that impact the utilization and use of any product in the market. Clients decide on some product fundamentally based on these factors.

Consumer Buying Behaviour

Buying Motive

Buying motive can be characterized as the inward factor or condition that will in general begin and support the buying movement. To put it plainly, buying motive is the reason a client needs to buy a product.

Buying motive can be of two kinds −

  • Product motive alludes with those impacts and reasons, which prompt a purchaser to choose a specific product in inclination to different products. They incorporate the physical intrigue of the product, similar to the structure, shape, measurement, size, shading, bundle, execution, cost and so forth.
  • Patronage motive alludes to those circumstances or reasons, which brief a purchaser to purchase the ideal product from a specific shop in inclination to different shops. Patronage motive can further be subdivided as −
  • Emotional patronage − It incorporates factors like the appearance of the shop, show of goods in the shop, impersonations and some more.
  • Rotational patronage − It incorporates factors like accommodation, cost charged, services offered and some more.

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