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E passbook pf
E passbook pf

E passbook PF:

The E passbook pf means Electronic passbook facility available online in EPF Postal that helps users to check their Own PF account statements at any time. You can check your balance statements as well as print and download. The statements can also be accessed using the EPFO app.


E passbook pf has Various details of the employee such as his/her PF account number, the employer’s name, establishment ID, the pension scheme and EPF scheme details, the name and type of the PF office, and other details can be found on the EPF Passbook.

However, an individual can view and download his/her passbook only after activation of the Universal Account Number (UAN) and it must be completed online. The UAN will be allotted by the EPFO and the employee will be able to receive or view his/her UAN from the employer or it can be found on payslip. Allocated UAN can also be known through EPF portal

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How to download PF Passbook

The process to view and download the E passbook PF is extremely  simple and can be done easily on the EPFO portal by a member. However, An employee must keep in mind the below  points whenever  they wish to view and download the passbook online:

E Passbook PF

The E passbook PF facility is only available for members who complete the UAN registration on the EPFO portal.

Only after 6 hours of the registration or activation activity has been completed  the passbook will be available online.

Any changes made on the portal will only be updated after 6 hours.

The entries that are made on the passbook must be consistent with the ones made by the EPFO field offices.

Inoperative Members, Settled Members, and Exempted Establishment Members will not be able to avail the E passbook pf facility.

The procedure to view and download the E passbook pf is mentioned below:

Initially, the employee must visit https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php.

Next, the member must click on the ‘e-Passbook’ option.

Click on e-Passbook

On the new tab, the employee must enter his/her UAN, password, and captcha details.

UAN Login

Next, the employee must click on ‘Login’.

On the next page, the Member ID of the employee will be displayed. If an employee has various Member IDs, all the PF Numbers will be displayed on the screen.

EPF Member ID

Select Member PF Account Number

The member must click on the Member ID of which the PF statement he/she would like to download on their device.

Once the Member clicks on their PF Account number, all details of the PF account will be displayed such as the

  • Name of the organization
  • Name of the employee
  • Where the office is located
  • The share of the employer and the employee
  • Amount Contributed towards the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) account.

EPF Passbook

Access for members will also be available to download the PF statement in the PDF format as well as take a print out of the statement.

EPF Statement

FAQs on EPF Passbook

Is it possible to view / Download my passbook?

Yes, you can View / Download your passbook in the following manner:

How to Login into member portal using your UAN and password?

Click on menu option and select ‘Download’ and select ‘Download Passbook’.

It is also possible to download the PDF version of the passbook?

Is it the possible to view the E passbook pf online without the Universal Account Number (UAN)?

It is mandatory to use members UAN and Password or else it is not possible to access passbook online. UAN and password are required to Access the passbook online and on the UMANG app.

What format does the E passbook pf come in?

The Downloaded member E passbook PF is protected with a Passcode and can be accessed with it only?

The E passbook pf that is downloaded comes in the pdf format. No, a password is not required to open the downloaded document.

Will Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) validate all transactions made on the EPF passbook?

All the Transactions will be published on members EPF Account only after verification so there will be no scope for errors

How much time does it take for the passbook to be generated online after successful of UAN registration?

It takes a maximum of 6 working hours after the UAN registration for the passbook to be made available for member.

Who can have E passbook pf download facility accessible to?

Only registered members in  EPFO portal will be able to Download / Vide the EPF passbook.

How Much time does it take for any updates made online to reflect in the EPF passbook?

Any updates made online will reflect in the E passbook pf only after 6 hours.

Are all EPF members entitled to the E passbook pf facility?

No, not all EPF members have access to the E passbook pf facility. The below Employment Type members do not have access to the passbook facility:

  • Inoperative members
  • Settled members
  • Exempted Established Members