Google Cloud DNS Installation Process – google cloud platform (GCP)

Google CLoud DNS
Google CLoud DNS

Google Cloud DNS Installation Process :

Google Cloud DNS is Domain Name System(DNS) is a distributed database which lets you store IP addresses and other data and looks them up by names.

In this Chapter we learn How to point our domain registerd in Google Domains to Google Cloud DNS

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  • Have a Compute Engine Instance running
  • Reserved the External IP address of your VM Instance.
  • For fixing Compute Engine, see the fixing Compute Engine Instance

Commonly used DNS Records

  • A Record – IPv4 address, maps IP of the host with a website .
  • AAAA Record – IPv6 address, mainly used in HTTP(S), SSL Proxy, and TCP Proxy Load balancing.
  • CNAME – Alias for one name to another (, points to
  • MX – Manages where emails should be delivered.
  • TXT – Any text content, like domain owner verification text or something like that

Why use Google Cloud DNS?

  • To have everything in one place for your project.
  • Managed by Google and it’s fast, reliable and secure with low-latency.
  • Uses Anycast (requests are rooted to nearest location).
  • Low Pricing (0.2/month per zone).

How to point your domain to Google Cloud DNS (google cloud platform (GCP) )?

Go to Network Services >> Cloud DNS in your GCP Console

Click Create Zone

Google Cloud DNS Zone

Google Cloud DNS Zone

Choose Public for the Zone type.

Enter your required name (recommended to use your Registered Domain without extension .com or for the Zone name

Enter your domain name for the DNS name. For example,

Keep the Off setting selected for DNSSEC.

Click Create.

Create new a record

Once the DNS zone is made you’ll be given default four NS records and SOA records.

NS Records

NS Records of google cloud platform (GCP)

Now you’ll create a replacement record to point your domain to your VM Instance’s external IP address in a google cloud platform (GCP).

  • Click Add record set.
  • Select Resource Record Type to “A”.
  • IPv4 Address with the IP address of your instance that you simply have reserved earlier.
  • Leave everything to default.
  • Click create

Paste Photo

Create A record

  • Create new CNAME record
  • Enter DNS name “www”.
  • Select Resource Record Type to “CNAME”.
  • Canonical name as your name followed by a period (
  • Leave everything to default.
  • Click create

Create CNAME record

  • Update your domain name servers
  • Login to your domain registrar (for example Google Domains) and attend DNS settings.
  • Select Use custom name servers.
  • Add the four NS records provided to you once you created the zone for your domain.
  • Update Nameservers

Save your settings.

Now your Domain Name is pointed to Google Cloud VM Instance and uses Google Cloud DNS or google cloud platform (GCP) .

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