Google Drive 3.47.7654.0550 Free Download


Google Drive 3.47.7654.0550

Google Drive 3.47.7654.0550 is a cloud disk drive in which you’ll store any file format and share it with other users and devices by simply signup to a Google account

Using a Google Drive 3.47.7654.0550 cloud storage service has many advantages, especially for those who are always travelling around with work or class files, because it helps them to get rid of having physical flash drives and external hard drives.

It is also very useful for whoever wants to stay a backup of their information because it is often stored online without the danger of losing the storage unit or being damaged.

Along with Google’s solution, we can also use Free Drive Space on Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple’s iCloud, one among the foremost used and popular services of this nature.

We’re talking about Google Drive

which is that the favourite storage system for many users from everywhere the planet basically thanks to the very fact that you simply only need a Google or Gmail user account to be ready to use it.

Moreover, we’re discussing a few multiplatform services so, That you download this version for Windows PCs, you getting to be ready to use all its functions on other devices because there are versions for Mac, and also mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Google Drive
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How does Google Drive work?

To use this online storage service you’ve only needed to download the application’s client to your computer. Once downloaded, you’ll configure it to associate one or several folders on your PC with this Google Application.

Meaning that every time you place an enter one among those folders or modify an already existing file, and as long as you’re online, the latter will sync together with your folder on the cloud.

From that moment, you will be ready to access it from the other device through the GDrive app or accessing your account by means of the online version.

Main features

Is it better than Dropbox? Better than OneDrive? Better than Box? the reality is that they are all very similar, the thing is that counting on our applications, email or maybe devices, we’d be more curious about using one or the opposite.

As an example, OneDrive’s integration with Microsoft Office may be a great advantage regarding Google’s Drive if we’re users of this office suite:

  • Store your files on the cloud. Upload your files to your online space for storing and access them when and wherever you would like.
  • Share contents with other users by means of public or private links.
  • Get on with teamwork: access Google Docs and edit documents collaboratively, create spreadsheets or presentations.
  • 15 GB of free online storage.
  • Synchronize multimedia contents with Google+.
  • History of changes.
  • Open up to 30 different file formats.

How much storage space does Google Drive offer us?

The service offers us three different plans, one among which is free whilst the opposite two need to be purchased. they provide us a web disk drive with a special capacity counting on the worth chosen:

  • Free drive: 15 GB of free space. By default, it is the option that each one of Google’s users has. you simply got to access your email account.
  • 100 GB drive: for 1.99€ per month of 19.99€ a year you’ll have 100 GB of space.
  • 1 TB drive: over 1,000 GB for people who require much online space. Especially indicated for professionals or companies. It costs 9.99€ per month or 99.99€ a year.

In any case, it also comes alongside a vast space option for teachers and students which will certify that they’re such, as a part of the Google Apps for Education service.

What’s new within the latest version

  • Improves the performance and fixes bugs.
  • If you are a member of the simplest program, now Drive shots us shortcuts thereto unit.
  • Requirements and extra information:
  • Requires Google to activate our user account before using the software.

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