How Google Keyword Planner works to fetch Proper Keywords

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

First of all, you should know what is Google Keyword Planner ?

Google Keyword Planner is ideas and topics that define what your content is all about. It will help you in SEO of your blog. As a blogger we want traffic on our website and keywords to help in that.

If you want to know my keywords research process using free tools on how I find low competition keywords for my blog. So here is the blog for you where you can find keywords easily for your content.

Searching keywords is easy there is nothing complicated in this. Just go through the blog and you will find the good keywords for your post and help to rank your post.

The website which is used  to search good quality keywords for your post:-(UBERSUGGEST: Google Keyword Planner)


Steps to Find Keyword using Google Keyword Planner :

First, you have to choose a topic like I make my first blog – ” Best 5 shoes under 500 rupees “

How I searched for it ??

I have an idea that I will look for shoes under 500 rs because middle-class people look for it.

keyword planner

So, I search on Google and Google Keyword Planner shows results under the search box

And the first one is the best 5 shoes under 500 rupees. Then I took this topic for my content and it is good to search results per month on Google.

When we find a topic for content than a site of neil patel named ubersuggest.

It is a website where you get the best keywords for your post.

First, you have to search your topic like my topic “Best 5 shoes under 10000 rupees”

Then the first result of that search,

we have to copy the link of that site. After that go to Neil Patel’s site and paste that link into the search box. And then click on the keyword which is on first and then copy all keywords and paste it to your post. This is a very simple way to get the best ever keywords for your post.

Some quick tips to maximize your new post email:

Give benefits to your subscribers then they take an interest in reading your posts.

The blog should be short and to the point. You want to get them to your blog to read.


I know everyone is always focused on good content writing, they take hours on writing their content but never spend much time on promoting posts.

And I show everyone tells you that make good content but they never tell that take time also on promoting a post. And I usually take about half an hour to promote my blog post, and it always helps me to get my post ranked on google search.

And you will check my posts which are lying on the first page of google.

Let’s see what are the ways to promote your content

So let’s talk about these topics:-

1.Email marketing-

Email marketing is a very broad concept. It is very helpful to get engaged more and more people on your posts.

a).First, you have to build your email list. It is the best way to turn your organic traffic into regular visitors, if we continuously make good content then they will keep visiting our site. Some tools are also available to build the email list like List builder. Any of these should work well for building your initial email list to give you an audience that will read your posts and share them with their friends.

b)Good timing of email-

As we know in India people are mostly in their jobs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.So if you send mail during this period then I think 20% or less can read because they are on their jobs and students in their colleges and schools.

So, I think the best time to send mail to them is 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

This is my opinion because it works for me and I have knowledge of about 3 years of blogging.

2.Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very outstanding way to promote any blog or site. Your viewers are already interacting with brands through social media. And you should communicate your visitors by a social network like facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

In social media, we share our story, videos, images and gets likes and comment from people, whoa re following us.

Social media has a very huge amount of users, so if we share our content on social media sites. It gives us good views on sites. This is the best and free way to get views on the blog In starting most of the blogger use this if they don’t want to spend money on promotion.

You can create a facebook page and try to people more and more to join the page, it will also help to get views on your post.

3.Ads Marketing

This is the paid way to get promote your blog post. There are thousands of way to promote online. But the best way is Google AdWords, I always use this way to promote my sites because trust on Google is one of the reason and second the customer service is very good.

They help you fully, whatever problem you are facing they will help you in that.

I will share my experience.

In the starting of blogging, I don’t have experience of running ads on Google AdWords.And I run one ad but it doesn’t approve in three days and that ad maximum takes 2 days to approve or reject.

But in my case my ad is showing under review then I called customer care and ask them to help me.

And they help me, they talk 1 hour with me they give full detail and the next day, I got approval on my ads.

So the service of Google AdWords is awesome and there is no trust issue because it is the product of Google. So, I always prefer Google AdWords for promotion of posts.

There is also more advertising method like Facebook ads, Instagram ads but it doesn’t give you the best results.

So google AdWords is best for promotion.