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    Made in China Labs | COVID-19: During October 2018, all Chinese officials were out of sleep with a phone call from Li Keqiang’s office scheduling an emergency meeting to counter-attack the plan of United States which was scheduled to launch in May 2020.

    Li Keqiang emergency meeting was held for 168 hours with the outbreak and finally came out with a strategy and declared war against The United States. As per the growing economy and Chinese business expansion, Li Keqiang was very clear that he can not go with a field war.

    Killer Virus Development

    The cabinet suggested a unique way to get the global leader surrender in front of “Dragon” with the help of Scientists in China who are studying the new outbreak of disease caused by a killer virus their function was designed with a Team of 21 scientists split into two main strains of the “Killer virus development

    ” and “Antidote for Killer Virus” Countless experiments were done in progress of COVID-19 Success and its antidote are circulating in humans and causing infections.

    The Scientist of Made in China Labs, from Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, cautioned that their study on Antidote for Killer Virus looked only at a limited range of data, and said follow-up studies of larger data sets were needed to better understand the virus’s evolution to control.

    new coronavirus

    Finally, a confidential note was released to test the killer virus and confirm the working of Antidote of killer virus. Initially, it was injected to 58 Subjects on November 2019 just a month before Christmas.


    The killer virus took almost 29 days to show its reaction and finally Dragons test on creating a new “Bioweapon” was successful. The Joy of 11 researchers was unstoppable on the day when their efforts were recognised by Li Keqiang office and given them a special rank for the serving nation ” The Republic of China

    Coronavirus close-up,

    After 5 days of the virus burst out in 58 subjects the team 解毒剂 ( Antidote) started their uncertified medicine and surprisingly they found results were positive and seen a complete change in 58 subjects.

    All Subjects go discharged from Made in China Labs and suddenly Govt. of China Declared LockDown on January 23rd 2020 and deputed all its workforce to clear the mess created by them.

    Killer Covid-19 virus

    Its was not known that 8 out of 58 subjects was dead in 2nd week of January 2020 and remaining went missing from the same dates. The Intelligence Wing of China started tracing all possibilities of the spread of “Killer Covid-19 virus” across the globe against the previous target of The United States.

    Before Lockdown it was unofficial information from the sources that the total affected victims were around 7mn and after lockdown, the same number raised to 15Mn and the Deathtoll of CoronaVirus or COVID-19 was crossed more than 1.5 Mn

    Update: Live map depicts spread of coronavirus - SAFETY4SEA

    The Republic of China took all the measures only the lowest count should be released out to sustain resistance from other countries. Was almost successful until the news started spreading from “International Media”

    The Next Big weapon as the Successful of Unsuccessful “BioWeapon” was a Blame game on United states stating The Killer Virus Carriers was The United States Army which was effected to the entire world.

    Just Kidding Guys

    The above story is just fiction and generated out of creativity. no team members of BrandsHelpLine is responsible for any type of personal Egos.

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