New WhatsApp authentication feature for New WhatsApp authentication feature for Iphones

New whatsapp face authentication features rocks Iphone users. Now secure nyour chats are more secure

WhatsApp is an Instant Messaging platform has implemented the most-relaible authentication feature in beta version for all its iOS users. This feature was identified by WABetainfo and was added with the new beta update published by Test Flight in itsbeta program.

WhatsApp has introduced a part of its feature through its official launched first beta program. Now new update adds fingerprint lock to the WhatsApp application on the iPhone. It has been launched to make flexible conversations safely, adding more to the already existing ‘end-to-end encryption’ means only chatting users can access their chat messages

With this feature users of iPhone X or above avails FaceID unlock. And, for other  iPhone users below that, the Facebook-owned company has introduced TouchID or passcode.

Now you can grab this new Authentication feature from WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy.

Lets begin the authentication feature for your device, You just need to choose screen lock from settings. Even with this, You will continue to reply to the messages straight even your phone is locked. You can even answer calls without any authentication

You just have to configure the TouchID or FaceID unlock feature on WhatsApp. To start using this feature, you will have to restart application by closing it. Once you reopen the app it will ask to authenticate your identity and allows you to use it only after authenticated. If authentication process fails, you can use the passcode to access the app. 

You might be worried that whatsapp might get your personal data just relax as your phone is having the fingerprint and face unlock data are encrypted on the iPhone, WhatsApp will not get your security data as it is a phone-level access and extraction is not possible to get your information. This feature is immediately enabled in the next 2.19.20 App Store update.

There is more from WhatsApp. Now it allows you to download a specific sticker from a stickers pack. which means that you don’t need to download the full stickers pack. For this, you simply need to open the WhatsApp Stickers in-app Store, then select the stickers pack and tap and hold the sticker you want to download.