newspaper 9 theme Activation
newspaper 9 theme Activation

Newspaper official License states: Newspaper 9 theme ..”the PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public License (GPL).” Meaning you are free to do whatever you want with the PHP files. 
I have made modification to one php file in order to remove theme’s activation nag which blocks one of the WordPress’s basic functions and makes the WordPress unusable until you close it every 30 seconds or so. 
Shame on TagDiv blocking the WordPress.

newspaper theme 9

According to GPL licence Newspaper theme can be edited the way you want, and you can share its code or your modifications when or where you like it.

If TagDiv team hold the rights to block WordPress with their annoying pop-up activation notice, so does everyone else hold the right to modify the PHP file to unblock WordPressfrom TagDiv’s annoying pop-up activation notification.
I hold my right not to register the theme with the activation code given to me. I do not want to register because I do not want them to know who I am or where I am using their product. I have right on Privacy, I have every right to keep my license unexposed to the internet or to the TagDiv team. TagDiv is earning a lot of money for a GPL product, they should stop forcing other people with their activation nag by blocking WordPress functions, and leave the WordPress out of it.

Here is my code:

  1. navigate to /wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_ajax.php
  2. find this: if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true) { 
    (which should be located on line 926)
  3. And change it to: if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {

Save the file and that’s it.


To activate the theme use MANUAL activation link:

Go to admin dashboard > Newspaper > Activate theme > click Activate the theme manually(which is located all the way down in the footer)
You can put anything you like. Here’s mine:
Envato purchase code:
TagDiv activation key:

Click Button ACTIVATE => Done

Theme activation
Theme successfully activated using manual activation. Thanks for buying our product.


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