Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media Meaning and Definition

Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media
Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media

Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media can not be successful Without a proper digital marketing strategy in place, new client acquisitions, brand visibility, and impactful revenue-generating opportunities will likely be damaged.”

Now, before you go creating a digital marketing plan, you need to understand the different types of media that you can incorporate. The trifecta of a great digital media plan includes earned media, owned Media, and paid media. Using these three together is referred to as a converged media strategy.

Earned Media
Owned Media
Paid Media

Earned Media

Paid Media, Earned Media, Owned Media Meaning and Definition
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When it comes to earned, owned, and paid media, “earned media” is the most sought after. This is the publicity you receive through efforts outside of paid media.
Earned media

is the most rewarding. It means that someone is willing to talk about you and you didn’t have to pay them to do so. You will understand earned media even better once we get into the definition of paid media.

Owned Media

Owned media is something you generate on a website that you control. It can consist of your website, social media page (your actual profile page, not what others are saying on the social network), and blog

The great thing about owned media is you control it 100%. You decide what is posted there, not the editor of a publication or someone chatting about you in a forum.

Paid Media

Do not confuse paid media with paying a publicist to obtain earned media for you. Even though you may pay someone to do your media outreach, that would still be considered earned media.

Three most common forms – press releases, sponsored posts (native advertising), and digital advertising.

Press releases are self-explanatory.

Various websites associated with press release distributors also reprint the press release and make it available for writers who want to write about you more in-depth. The goal of a press release is to spark the interest of a publication that reaches out for more information and turns your efforts into earned media.

Sponsored posts

You simply pay a publication to write a story for you. Most of the big media publications have sponsored content, including Business

Digital advertising

It can include paying for some board banner type Adds on some websites
mobile, advertising and on social media platform.

Benefits All Three Media Types

  • Quickness
  • Trust
  • Control
  • SEO


You will need to pitch your story to publications, wait for them to accept, then write content. And, then wait for an editor to publish the story. This could take weeks and often-times months (one story that featured me in the media took more than a year from the time I was first contacted).


The first is the company website, the second is in an advertisement, and the third is in a feature story in The New York Times. Which are you more likely to believe?

Reading something on a company website is not really credible to most people. After all, it’s their website and they can say anything they want. Not really a trusted source.


Paid media does not guarantee that you get to say exactly what you want. Websites have different standards and editorial process. This means that you control the message, but it has to be within that site’s guidelines.


As you do this, you will not only benefit from increased organic traffic, but you will also build a stronger online presence, create a positive reputation, increase brand awareness and establish your business as the go-to resource for your area of expertise in your industry or community.