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Social Media Content Marketing
Social Media Content Marketing

Social Media Content Marketing: Social media is that the desire that each consumer has got to mention something interesting, compelling and relevant and to share that information together with his or her friends.

The question marketers must ask themselves is: “What makes my brand so interesting that folks will want to speak about it and share it with their friends?” (Even boring brands have something interesting to say!)

You can’t achieve social media if you don’t have something interesting to mention.

At now in your social media experience, you (hopefully) understand that social media marketing isn’t almost having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile.

Social media is the vehicle for communicating and distributing interesting stories (content) across the web. In turn, readers share the content they think is compelling.

What does content strategy need to do with it?

The purpose of content strategy is to facilitate the consistent delivery of interesting stories. the top result’s that you simply will attract and retain the eye of the targeted audience that you want to succeed in.

Imagine for a flash that you’re invited to pitch your business to an area filled with potential investors. They’re willing to listen to your story and allow you to persuade them together with your ideas. what proportion time does one thing you’d got to steel oneself against such an opportunity? A week? A month? More?

The point is you’d be foolish to easily show up, stand on stage and say whatever involves mind.

And yet, most businesses do exactly that when it involves Social Media Content Marketing. Given the chance to present their brand to a web audience of potential customers, they simply show up without preparing a compelling message.

What a wasted opportunity.

Preparation is vital because social media may be a very active space. There are tons to try to and plenty of conversations happening. it’s a really distracting environment, and everybody features a very short span.

You have to work out what quite conversation you’re getting to spark which will make people concentrate to you because in social media attention is extremely hard to urge (or retain for that matter).

Your competition isn’t the guy or gal who sells equivalent stuff that you simply do. Your competition is everyone, every brand, every church, every small business, every big technology company, every politician and each celebrity who has something interesting to mention.

That’s why it’s important to possess an idea (content strategy). And that’s why your plan must be put in situ before you show abreast of any social media channel.

How do I approach my very own social media content marketing?

As you brainstorm your own content strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  • What niche do I would like to be known for social media content marketing? Example: Chiropractor.
  • What are my customers’ challenges? Example: Back-pain.
  • What quite content do they consume? Example: Articles and videos
  • How am I able to create interesting yet consistent content which will attract new customers and retain old ones? Example: Create a blog on my website showing them the way to manage back injury and the way to treat back pain (featuring both text and video). Publish weekly.
  • When all is claimed and done, what business results do I would like to realize for all my hard work? Example: More clients and more sales.
  • How will I do know if these things are working? Example: By periodically measuring what percentage of new customers and the way many new sales, I even have made since executing my content strategy.

Do I want a social strategy to form this work?

Indeed, you’ll achieve your business objectives through your content strategy without social media marketing. for instance, visitors using long-tail search terms (e.g. lower back pain or injury-related back pain) can certainly find your content through Google or Bing (although this doesn’t happen overnight).

However, social media marketing can assist you to distribute your content much faster and reach more people than your website. But, your social strategy doesn’t get to be complicated, and it certainly doesn’t need the assistance of a ‘guru.’ It’s simply an idea which will work seamlessly together with your content strategy to assist you to achieve your business goals.

  • To do this, first understand how consumers behave online:
  • They meet in several places (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Digg);
  • They read, share and discuss different content (blogs, videos, podcasts, music);
  • They evaluate brands supported content. “People buy products to accomplish something” ~ Clayton Christensen author of It’s the aim Brand, Stupid. A brand’s content must explain what that ‘something’ is.
  • They are connected with each other and influence each other’s purchasing decisions (e.g. GAP logo story)

In other words, online conversations are the new market place.

The conversation opportunity

Organizations that understand this behaviour are ready to communicate directly with consumers and influence their perception of their brands. Here’s what you would like to do:

  • Think about where your customers are located online and join those communities.
  • Establish a listening campaign to work out who’s doing the talking and what’s being said.
  • Consider how you’ll connect with the more influential ‘conversationalists’ within those communities. does one get to create your own Facebook page or Linkedin profile? Or does one got to comment regularly on select blogs? Use these channels to interact together with your community by asking questions (surveys), participating and contributing to conversations (comments/discussion forums) and sharing your expertise (your content).
  • Share whatever goes on in your offline world together with your online community (pictures and videos).
  • Reach bent other bloggers (guest blogging).
  • Respond quickly to comments and feedback on your own blog.

Quick recap: Content marketing is enhanced by social media but also can survive without it. Social media on the opposite hand, wouldn’t be popular without interesting, informative or humorous content. Before entering the social media space, you would like an idea to work out the way to deliver interesting content on a uniform basis in order that you’ll attract and retain the eye of your audience. that’s your content strategy.

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