Top Torrentz2 movie download sites 2020 | U Torrentz2 download movie

Top Torrentz2 movie download sites 2020 U Torrentz2 download movie

Top Torrentz2 movie download sites 2020 U Torrentz2 download movie : Our list ranks already Top Torrentz2 movie download sites by there respective Alexa rank at the time of writing. you’ll inspect last year’s best torrent site list using this link.

1. The Pirate Bay

Alexa Rank: 176

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay

Veteran torrent site The Pirate Bay, TPB for brief , again leads the 2020’s Top Torrentz2 movie download sites list while running on its original domain. the favored website wore the crown last year after the entire wipeout of KickAss Torrentz.

TPB is already a known name for the various collection of the torrentz spread across movies, TV shows, games, software, audiobooks, songs, etc. Users access the torrent index via TPB’s simple to use interface hasn’t changed in years. In fact, there doesn’t seem needing to try to to so. The VIP/trusted icon feature for uploaders also ensures a safer download.

A reason why TPB ranks on top among the simplest torrent sites is that the abundance of seeds that helps in faster downloading of files. While this torrent website (and others) could be blocked in some countries, employing a VPN service like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN will solve this problem.

Why use TPB?

  • Oldest and most reputed torrent site
  • VIP/trusted user badge
  • Lots of trusted mirrors

2. YTS

Alexa Rank: 247

YTS torrents

YTS is supposed primarily for those that prefer downloading movie torrentz over anything . This Top Torrentz2 movie download has shifted to a replacement domain which features a lower Alexa rank. One thing to notice is that the web site has no ties with the first YTS/YIFY group, which pack up operations a few of years ago. Still, the web site has managed to urge its name on the recognition charts.

YTS is understood for its visual appearance. Moving along the road of other torrent indexing sites, the house page now only features an enquiry page. Pirated content mostly fuels YTS, but the looks are enough to offer a fierce competition to some popular streaming services.

Users can easily make content requests and provides feedback to the operators of the location . But an equivalent requires a user account and also to form comments on the web site .

Why use YTS?

  • Efficient search filter with useful filters and sorting options
  • Clean layout, easy-to-read description of torrentz


Alexa Rank: 325

Best The Pirate Bay Alternative 2 1337x

Best The Pirate Bay Alternative 2

1337x may be a torrent site that’s aware of its visual appearance. Everything from the house page to the index page is meant with the content placed neatly and aligned correctly.

The well-known torrent site hosts torrentz2 in several categories. It also provides a Trending section that lists popular torrentz for each day and week. Top 100 torrentz2 lists of U Torrentz2 download movie for various categories also can help the users finding good torrentz to download.

Why use 1337x?

  • Clean look and pity listing page
  • Also useful for searching older torrentz2


Alexa Rank: 452

Image result for

While its not-so-modern look won’t please some users, the web site effectively does what it’s meant for, i.e., providing healthy torrent files to the leeches. But users should prepare themselves to ascertain many advertisement tabs when clicking links on the web site .

Even with a small drop by the Alexa rank, Rarbg remains one among the highest torrent sites available on the web .

Other than the regular u torrentz2 movies download categories, including Movies, Music, Software, Games, etc. Rarbg also hosts a separate website to feature trailers of various movies and shows. People won’t visit a torrent site for watching trailers. Still, it might be helpful to some.

A user also can undergo Rarbg’s Top Torrentz2 movie download sites 2020 lists for various categories to urge a thought of what people are downloading from the torrent site.

Why use Rarbg?

  • Focus on quality torrentz
  • Blog section for news from the show business


Alexa Rank: 1118  program

You might already be knowing that may be a torrent program (here are some more torrent search engines) and indexing website which promotes itself as a just like the defunct Torrentz. It only does the work of finding the torrentz present on other torrent sites. Still, it appears that Torrentz2 might be a worthy inclusion among 2020’s top torrent sites.

Other than using the search box to seek out torrentz, users also can visit the MyTorrentz section, where they will take the assistance of the tag bubble and see verified torrentz for various categories.

Why use

  • A metasearch engine with torrentz from 90+ sites
  • onion address for evading blocking
  • Mirror sites also available
  • torrent vpn download


Alexa Rank: 1212


You might be conscious of the discharge group EZTV that wont to sail their ship on the KickAss Torrentz and other top torrent sites. Since the last few years, the domain has managed to stay itself under the highest 1000 websites on Alexa.

EZTV is visited by the web population curious about downloading television program torrentz2. In fact, it’s the sole content category one would find on this popular torrent site.

The torrenting site wears nothing much but a basic look with torrent links and other information mentioned during a table form. It also allows visitors to make user accounts where they will save torrentz2 as favorites.

Why use EZTV?

  • Countdown List helpful
  • Very clean and light-weight site
  • Users can keep an eye fixed on upcoming torrent uploads through sections called Countdown List. For the content already uploaded, the Calendar section is sort of useful.


Alexa Rank: 1655

Best The Pirate Bay Alternative 3

Limtorrentz is again on our list of Top Torrentz2 movie download sites 2020. Limeterrentz provides highest 10 U Torrentz2 download movie sites for 2020 . This is often another website that hosts torrents in several categories, including TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime.

It appears quite easy to seek out a healthy torrent, and what makes LimeTorrentz one among the simplest torrent sites is that the regular updation of content. The torrent site features separate sites where it provides updated lists for the highest 100 torrents trending the foremost , and therefore the latest torrents uploaded to the location .

Further, users can create accounts that might be required to upload torrents, provide feedback, bookmark torrents, and exchange messages with other users, etc.

Why use

  • Easy to identify verified torrentz2 with star badge
  • Updated list of top 100 and new 100 torrentz2

8. Zooqle

Best torrent sites zooqle

Alexa Rank: 4110


The 8th inclusion in our 2020’s list of best torrenting sites is Zooqle. It’s a comparatively new name within the BitTorrent ecosystem, but it’s rising within the success charts pretty quickly. For this rise, the credit is to tend to the steadily increasing number of torrentz.

Users can easily navigate and find things using the neat and clean interface of the web site , which is complemented by the shortage of intrusive advertisements. The content on Zooqle is especially television program torrentz and Movie torrentz, but the favored torrent site also hosts torrentz associated with software, games, etc., for various device platforms.

Why use Zooqle?

  • Tons of useful sub-categories
  • Innovative way of listing torrentz and providing information

9. TorrentDownloads

Best torrent sites

Alexa Rank: 4114

Best torrent sites

TorrentDownloads again a well-liked name among the simplest torrent sites on the online and has shown a rise in its rank recently. It carriers a visually appealing interface which will please the eyes of the viewer. But it doesn’t distract them when finding all the highest torrentz spread across categories including Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software, etc.

Furthermore, you’ll list find the lists sorted by the foremost Active Torrentz, Most Seeded Torrentz, and Most Leeched Torrentz which may be helpful to some users. You’ll find non-intrusive ads along the edges and you’ll create a user account to upload and save your favorite torrentz.

Why use TorrentDownloads?

  • Find torrentz easily
  • Regularly updated content

10. MagnetDL

best torrent sites

Alexa Rank: 5521

best torrent sites

It’s landing for the primary time in our greatest torrent sites list for 2020. MagnetDL may be a relatively new player on the torrent playground. the primary thing you’ll notice may be a slightly old-school interface. But that doesn’t mean this efficient torrent site is any but others.

Just like other top torrent sites mentioned above, MagnetDL’s white-colored home page displays an enquiry bar and torrent categories at the highest . After you dig, you’ll find the torrentz arranged neatly and therefore the information is straightforward to read even while scrolling down an internet page.

Why use MagnetDL?

  • Lightweight and loads quickly
  • Focuses on torrent magnet links
  • BitTorrent Usage On Decline

The popularity of torrent sites is declining slowly thanks to reasons like enforcement crackdown. Regular users of the BitTorrent network might alright remember how the torrent-giants KickAss and ExtraTorrentz went down. There has also been an increasing rise in demand for VPN services, which unblock torrent sites.

Another big factor is a rise within the adoption of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There are plenty of free movie streaming sites also on the online for free-of-cost entertainment. If you’re trying to find sites with 100% legal content, here is our list of the simplest torrent sites for safe and legal torrentz.

Protect your privacy

Another important thing to notice is you aren’t anonymous when downloading files from the BitTorrent network. albeit the P2P file sharing-based network is very decentralized, a technically sound person or the web provider can track a user’s torrenting activity. A workaround to the present is employing a VPN, which lets users hide their IP address.


Many VPN services offer dedicated support for P2P file sharing technologies. inspect our list of the ten best VPN services. we frequently recommend VPN services like Private Internet Access or NordVPN to unblock torrent sites and conceal IP.

Don’t fall for the copycats

If you think that that the torrenting sites Extratorrent and IsoHunt still exist, then you would possibly probably be visiting a copycat website. the 2 torrent sites are now offline. Similarly, clone websites might exist for KickAss Torrentz also .

So, these were some top torrent sites which may be helpful to BitTorrent users in 2020. We’d like to hear the name of your favorite torrent site within the comments.

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